What product is right for you

If your new to CBD it can be confusing on what delivery method is righ for you. If you currently use an ecig & Vape then perhaps its a simple choice for you. Inhilation is one of the fastest forms of absorption. It also allows you a little more control over gauging how much you may need.

For those that dont Vape, we offer a nice line of oral CBD Tinctures & Oral Spray. The absorption rate through pills of Tinctures is known to be slower due to the fact it needs to be absorbed through your digestive system before getting into your bloodstream.

Topical Products are good to use in conjunction with either of the two first options. Our base ingredients are Organic and great for your skin. They also work great for Muscle & Joint Pain.

All of our products contain other nurients & essential oils. They are also Enhanced with Full Spectrum Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil.

For information on the various types of absorbtion in general click here.

As always feel free to use our contact form for any additional question.